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    Spencer Harris has been a stalwart team member with TNI for a long time now. He’s well known for his sales prowess as one of the best ever Reps in TNI’s history. But it’s his leadership that has emerged over the years, that’s led to his current success, running Harris Global Enterprises Ltd.

    Having helped so many others in a head office role as a national Sales Director, making the move to running his own Agency under TNI was his next logical move. And we’re so excited about the future with Spencer. I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with Spencer on many occasions. He’s funny, respectful and driven. And I know he’s committed to a healthy life style and good work/life balance, as it should be. If you’re looking for a great new career opportunity, he’s your guy!

    Steve Allison
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    I have worked with Spencer for many years now – since he started his career with our organization. Spencer has always been a firecracker – setting goals and not only reaching them, but usually surpassing them. Anytime we’ve had specific targets to achieve, Spencer has been one of our go-to people. Having been in a Sales Director role where he shared his vast knowledge with others, it’s now great to see him leading his own team through Harris Global Enterprises. Knowing that Spencer excels in training and motivating others, as well as ensuring they reach their goals, I have no doubt that he will continue to grow and expand and help others develop in this business.

    Jenny (Ward) Trotman
    VP of Marketing
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    It’s given me great pleasure to see Spencer Harris develop his skills and watch his career take off. Spencer has always shown a strong sense of salesmanship. His fabric is made up of competitive juices mixed with a strong determination to be the best. He exuded this throughout his early phase in the business and worked his way up to the top of the company newsletter where he was a staple week in and week out with his field performance. Spencer, over time has learned how to become a great coach. He understands and relates to his representatives and has a way of pushing them to be good without really having to push them at all. Spencer has really developed into a great leader and has an emerging organization that I’m excited to help grow across Canada and eventually the United States. In his short career, he has earned a number of personal and team accomplishments. But I feel like the best is yet to come from him and his team.

    Marty Bieksa
    Director of Acquisition and Development, TNI